About UCN

UCN was founded in 1997. It is a private institution and authorized by the National Council of Universities in Session No. 10-98 of 18th November, 1998 and approved by the Assembly of the Republic of Nicaragua by Decree No. 2822 accordingto the laws. This is a fully autonomous university and the transcripts and the degree are awarded by the UCN on successful completion of the program.

UCN is a part of the following international institutions:

  • Listed in International Medical Education Directory (IMED)
  • Listed in the World Health Organization's (WHO) − Avicenna Directories
  • UCN is listed in the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
  • Listed in the International Association of Universities (IAU)
  • Listed in the International handbook of accredited universities published by the United Nations

The above mentioned institutions make the degree issued by UCN to become an international medical degree.

Video on UCN