About Central University of Nicaragua (UCN)

Established in 1998, Central University of Nicaragua (UCN) is a IMED, WHO & WDMS listed and fully accredited and recognized by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Nicaragua. UCN offers a unique MD - Doctor Medicine program specialy designed for the Healthcare Professionals with flexible and blended mode of delivery during the pre-clinical (also called as Basic Sciences) with clinical rotations in a wide network of teaching hospitals located in USA.

UCN is an approved and accredited medical school via the official government session No. 10-1998 operating under the law No. 89 of the Republic of Nicaragua with to degree programs at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level.

Pre requirements

  • Should be highly competent candidate with the passion towards medical career
  • Professionals from health science/Allied Health such as Nursing, Public Health, Medical Laboratory, epidemiology, Radiology, Pedorthology, etc can apply.
  • Professionals with 3 5 years of relevant allied health services experience will be given priority
  • Should be able to travel for laboratory training in Guyana for every semester (6 months) for the duration of 3 weeks in the preclinical part
  • Should be Eligible for USA visa & ability to do Clinical Training in USA

Fees Structure Currency Converter

Year 1 & 2 - 10,000 USD
2 Installments 3 Installments
6 Months 6 Months 4 Months 4 Months 4 Months
5500 5500 3666 3667 3667

Year 3 - 28,000 USD
2 Installments 3 Installments
6 Months 6 Months 4 Months 4 Months 4 Months
14500 14500 9666 9667 9667

Year 4 - 21,000 USD
2 Installments 3 Installments
6 Months 6 Months 4 Months 4 Months 4 Months
11000 11000 7333 7334 7333


Malpractice Insurance : 1000 USD

Deposit : 500 USD

About the course

  • Preclinical Study

Student will study the premedical part with the support of the learning management system enabled to him. The study modules will be delivered through the same. The student will attend the lab requirements for the duration of about 3 weeks in each semester with 20 weeks of total duration in Guyana during which USMLE oriented review of the theoretical aspects will also be undertaken. Thus gaining the practical knowledge too.

  • Clinical Practice

Student will do the clinical rotations in the affiliated hospitals of USA. All core rotations will be done in greenbook hospitals. The student has the option to clear the USMLE ad to get a registration is USA, as it's a recognized program there.