Teaching Methodology

The pre-clinical semesters of the program are delivered through live online classes, video lectures, lab sessions, etc. The students are provided with access to an interactive Learning Management System and are also guided by subject matter experts.

Learning Management System (LMS):

It is a web-based application through which the study materials are delivered and managed. It also facilitates the online and offline training, administration and performance management and also includes functionality for course catalogs, launching courses, etc.

The LMS will support the students with:

Projects: Students can submit assigned projects by uploading the file.

Tests: Student can write the test via LMS. It may be MCQs, fill ups, match the following, true or false, short answers, and long answers, etc.

Forum: Student has a group discussion for a particular topic which was assigned by the professor.

Advantages of LMS

  • Easy to use and navigate.
  • Has a centralized and automated administration.
  • Delivers and assembles facts and data rapidly.
  • Tracks the progress of the students.